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Certified Volume Lash Extension Stylist - Lash Academy

Century Square (Across Hawaiian Telcom)
1188 Bishop Street
Suite 1101
Honolulu, HI 9813

  • Parking is located on the lower 3rd  and 4th floors take the parking elevator to lobby on the left off the elevator, take the lobby elevator to unit #1101

  • Services may be refused due to constant lateness, no shows.The process is very intricate and needs to offered in a quite and non-distracing environment, please arrive with no children, this is your time please arrange your appointments according. 

  • Appointments will need to start hands on no later then 15 minutes, not walking in the door late appointment will need to be rescheduled.

  • Karen-Marie has the right to refuse to service anyone for any reason.

  • Parking validation in the building for time of service only please arrive accordingly to prevent an additional cost of $3.50 per 30 minutes.

Please note  this is a one person business appointments are accommodated one at a time book accordingly.

Phone calls and voice mails are not responded to as I may be with client which is priority,  please text.  

For your convenience you are invited to take advantage of our on-line booking system and qualify for Book on-line  savings.

Mondays - Sundays
Closed Holidays.

Monday - Sundays
Closed on Holidays.

TEXT: 808-265-0407

Qualifications' s

  • Must book on-line

Full Design $150.00
normally $210.00

Full Design Deluxe $195.00
 * For a dramatic touch upgrade from full classic with and additional
    20 volume fans per eye
    want more $10.00 per additional 5 volume fans per eye

Volume Design $225.00
normally $275.00

Karen-Marie Sig Design $250.00
normally $325.00.
Elegant, air'y,fluffy and darker lash line.
Volume and additional 20 multi fans on each eye creating a darker lash line and fuller finish.

Russian Volume $325.00
normally $375.00
For healthy natural lashes only


Not sure? Book Karen-Marie's Signature Design the most popular and adjustments may be made time of appointment.


Allow 1 hour
Faux Silk - $210.00
1 extension on most natural lashes
Glamor-ously designed enhancing your natural lashes.

Full Design Deluxe
 * For a dramatic touch upgrade from full classic with and additional
    20 volume fans per eye
    want more $10.00 per additional 5 volume fans per eye

Allow 2 hours
Multi light extensions: 2-3 placed onto most natural lash depending on natural lash condition.  Elegant, air'y, fluffy and clean finish.

Allow 2 hours
Multi light extensions: 2-4 placed onto most natural lash depending on natural lash condition. 
Elegant, air'y,fluffy and darker lash line.
Dramatic touch: Additional 15 multi fans on each eye creating a darker lash line.

Allow 3 hours
Available by request must have healthy natural lashes.
Most dramatic and full
Focused on volume-izing
Multi fine extensions 4-6 onto most natural lash

$30.00 with new set
Fresh sets are recommended every 3 months. 
Removal is recommended to start off your fresh set.

Our lashes naturally replace themselves every 6-8 weeks...out with the old in with the new.  Retouches are necessary to attach new extensions to the new lashes!.

As the natural lash is replaces itself the old naturally drops off taking the extension with it. As the extension is bonded onto the natural lash and not the skin. So if you were to look at the extension fallout you may see the natural attached. The extension is not pulling out your natural lash unless its too heavy for the natural lash. This is where the lash artist needs to make the best assessment for the health and integrity of the natural lash.  Influences-  diameter length and materiel of extension.

The lash cycle is about 100 days and we naturally loose 2-3 lashes per day.
Due to this natural cycle or negligent care the lash extensions will fall off along with the natural lash.

It is highly recommended that you maintain a 2 - 2 1/2 week re-touch to maintain fullness. 


Classic $75.00
Outside retouch $85.00 and up following retouches at normal pricing
$10.00 per additional week
Outside work: 50% fallout extensions will be at full set price

Classic Deluxe  $105.00
$10.00 per additional week
Outside work add $10.00
50% fallout extensions will be at full set price

Volume  $125.00
$10.00 per additional week over 3 weeks
Outside work: 50% fallout extensions will be at full set price

Karen-Marie Sig Design $140.00
$10.00 per additional week over 3 weeks
Outside work: 50% fallout extensions will be at full set price

Russian Volume $275.00
$10.00 per additional week over 3 weeks
Outside work: 50% fallout extensions will be at full set price
Service may be refused if natural lashes cannot handle present Russian Volume weight.


  • Faux Silk, Faux Mink
  • Siberian Mink
  • Volume/Russian lash technique

Eyelash extensions Faux Silk, Faux Mink, Real Siberian Mink Fur Eyelash extensions are different eyelash extension material each offering different weight, flexibility and feel. They all offer a great way to have beautiful eyes without the need for mascara.

The latest trend is the 2/3-D, Russian, American Volume Extensions which are multi lash extensions utilizing the lightest finest faux mink per natural lash. Focused on volume and less length. Creating fuller, fluffy and absolutely stunning eyelash extensions. its not about the length its the fullness.  Absolutely stunning. 

Faux Silk Faux Mink Eyelash Extensions

Silk eyelashes, unlike the names implies, are not made from silk. They're actually made from synthetic silk that is shaped into perfectly curled lashes. They're thicker at the bottom and thinner at the top, and are made to look natural and full. With these types of synthetic lashes, you can sleep with them on, swim, sunbathe and play sports. The lashes require very little maintenance and allow you to continue with your daily activities without worrying about them falling out. Lashes done by a professional can last anything from 3-6 weeks, depending on the life cycle of you lashes. For a great look, you'll need to have 40-50 lashes added.

Siberian Mink Eyelash Extensions

Siberian Mink Eyelash explosion. Formerly only used by Hollywood A-listers, this stunning look would cost normally cost thousands of dollars. As this treatment is slowly reaching the mainstream market, you can now get a full set of Mink Eyelashes for a couple hundred dollars. Mink lashes are brushed off of live minks, without harming them, and provide a soft and lightweight alternative to normal false eyelashes. You'll normally need about 80 eyelashes to achieve your desired look. These are the most natural-looking eyelashes you can get. They are light, full, and generally regarded as superior to all other lash material.

Faux Silk, Faux Mink Vs Real Siberian Mink Eyelashes

Faux silk and mink are lighter in weight and softer then the original synthetics. One may be darker or shiner depending on which company the product is purchased from.

Siberian Mink Eyelashes have always the most expensive material lightest in weight and may be used for 2/3 D Volume lashing.


 "Volume" lashes are a NEW technique that entered the North American lash industry in 2013. Volume lashes (aka Russian Volume) was, in fact, developed by  master lash artists in Russia and Ukraine some say 3-5 years ago! Irina Levchuk of Lash & Brow Academy from Russia brought her own volume technique to Canada in May 2013.

What makes volume different from classic?

With classic one lash eyelash extension is placed onto one natural eyelash.  Amazing looks out did even the BEST mascaras offered.  Lash Extension Technicians are limited by the amount of natural lashes a client has as well as the different amount of lashes on each eye. This pushes us to lash to the weakest eye to maintain symmetry.

For years clients have wanted...."MORE".  The only options were longer and thicker diameters, which became problematic when our client's natural lashes could not safely support these extensions, placing stress on the integrity of health of the natural lash.

Volume technique has become the answer!  Volume techniques allow us to apply multiple extensions to ONE isolated natural lash. The "Russian Volume" technique masterfully achieves this with far thinner lashes that are lighter in weight than we have typically used. Keeping the natural lash healthy and happy. The result? A full, lush lash line that appears fluffy and soft and maintains the health and safety of our client's natural lashes.

After your consultation your Lash Artist will recommend what best suits your expectation taking in consideration of the condition of your natural lashes. The #1 goal of the lash technician should always be the health and integrity of the natural lash.

All sales final no credit or refunds.